As of the 1st of April 2015, any items that have been sent or given to me from a PR company in consideration for product reviews, will be marked with an asterix (*). My content is a mixture of products I have purchased myself and PR samples. I will always be honest in my opinion on any product that I feature. If I find a product to be disappointing I will not review it on my blog or I will inform you that it was disappointing. My blog is to aid you in any purchases you decide to make yourself. I am not paid to write any reviews featured on my blog, however in the circumstance that a post may be sponsored, I will clearly state this to you by having '(AD)' in the blogpost title/social media caption.

Any products I am sent from PR companies are subject to my terms and conditions. I do not do ‘rush’ reviews. Any PR samples that I receive will always be thoroughly tested before my post is written to ensure my post is as accurate as possible. Receipt of a product does not guarantee coverage on my blog and/or social media channels. If for any reason I dislike an item and feel I’m unable to write a constructive review, I reserve the right to not feature it on my blog at all - this must be accepted by the company. Whilst I do not always feature products instantly on my blog, your product may be featured in future posts. Any company who persistently harasses content to be posted will not be eligible for review or feature.

I am open to both sponsored blog posts and sponsored social media content providing I have full editorial control. Any sponsored content will always be disclosed inline with the FTC regulations.

This blog is designed for entertainment purposes only. In the circumstance that you base a purchase on my content, I do not take responsibility for any harm that it may cause you - this is taken at your own risk.

This blog is also subject to promotion. Self-promotion is not tolerated nor accepted. Leaving website links at the end of a constructive comment is adequate however extensive promotion relating to your website imploring that people should visit your website for 'x, y and z' will not be authorised. Any comments of this nature shall be removed.

As of the 1st of April 2015, any content, including photographs are taken by me (Kirsty Meenan) unless otherwise stated. Please do not use any photos or content without first asking my permission. kirstyjennifercontact@gmail.com


 Some links featured in blog posts may be affiliated. Any posts that I am paid to write will have (AD) in the title.



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