Monday, 31 July 2017

Advice | Starting School

I know this post is not for everyone however a lot of my younger followers on Instagram have been asking me to do a post relating to advice for starting secondary school so I thought I would do this especially for them!

TIP 1 - Be yourself.

Honestly, the best thing you can do is be yourself. Do not change who you are to fit in. Don't change the clothes you wear or the way you act just to fit in with new people. You will make friends who love you for who you are. The friends you make who build you up will be friends for life. 

TIP 2 - School is for learning.

I have to admit your first two/three years are not the most important academic wise but make sure you keep on top of work and homework. It's Important to remember that school is for learning and should be a happy environment to be in. School isn't about being popular or having 'cool' friends, it's about growing your education so that when you leave school you can get a job, apprenticeship or get a degree.

TIP 3 - Always ask for help

I remember on my first day of school I couldn't find one of the departments and I kept looking through the map and it felt like a maze. I stopped someone walking by and asked for directions and it was so helpful. People will be happy to help you, just remember to be polite and use your manners and you'll be fine. 

After two days of being in secondary school I knew where everything was. It just takes a few hours to get used to! But remember to ask for directions if you need to!

It's also important to ask for help if you are not understanding specific areas in subjects. If you do not understand, ask your teacher and I'm sure they would be happy to make it easier for you to learn. I was awful at maths and I regret not asking for help when I found things hard. 

TIP 4 - Enjoy yourself and Don't grow up too fast 

School should be a fun experience so make the most of it because it passes so quickly. Also remember that you have your whole life ahead of you, don't grow up too fast. 

TIP 5 - Work hard 

Work hard and do your best in all aspects of school. Don't be cheeky or try to act cool in class, it will never end well haha!! 

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