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Urban Decay Naked Palette Comparisons | AD

Some of the most loved palettes in the beauty community lies with Urban Decay Cosmetics. Why? Because you can create so many looks using only one palette. I have all but one of the naked palettes by Urban Decay and I will be sure to grab the second basics palette when I have the urge. 

The Original Naked Palette 

Arguably, my favourite palette due to its warm tones. This was the first palette I purchased from Urban Decay after Kathleen Lights said it was her favourite palette and since I have similar eyes and skin to her, I thought I would splurge and give it a go. The palette contains 12 shadows, 10 shimmer shades and 2 matte shades. I do wish there were a few more matte shades in this palette however it is still extremely easy to create a look using just this palette. This palette is great for daily wear but also for evening makeup. My favourite shades are Buck and Half Baked. The packaging of this palette is completely different to the other palettes as it has a felt like feel which I do not particularly like as it gets extremely dirty although saying this, it is definitely one of my favourite palettes so if like me, you like warm brown tones, then this is definitely the palette for you. 

The Naked 2 

This palette is extremely cool toned with 12 eyeshadows, 8 shimmers and 4 mattes. I feel the balance of matte to shimmer shadows was definitely improved upon from the original palette. I know that the majority of people tend to lean towards warm or neutral shadows however this is a great palette to introduce cool toned looks into your makeup routines. I love this palette for nights out especially as it is extremely easy to build up a dramatic and glamorous eye makeup. My favourite shades in this palette are tease which is a lovely cool toned lavender grey and chopper which is a chunky rose gold with gold glitters. The packaging of this palette is a tin like package which feels very sturdy and cleans easily. This palette is great if you either prefer cool tones or fancy having more diversity in your makeup collection. 

The Naked 3 

This is the rosiest and pinkest palette by Urban Decay which makes it my go-to spring and summer palette. Of course this palette is PERFECT for valentines day and spring date nights. Once again, there are 12 eyeshadows, 9 shimmers and 3 mattes. This is an extremely loved palette however I never seem to gravitate towards it too much as I feel it is only appropriate during the spring and summer months which is when I tend to wear less makeup. However, when I do opt to wear eyeshadows I love to grab this palette, in particular I love using the matte pink and purple tones through my crease and then add a beautiful pink, champagne shimmer to the lids to add brightness. The packaging of this palette is identical to the naked 2. This palette is great if you want to edge outside the neutral comfort zone and incorporate colour in a subtle and natural way. 

The Naked Smoky

This is the darkest and smokiest palette, as the name would suggest, by urban decay. There are 12 shadows again in this palette with 7 shimmers and 5 mattes. The matte shades are really beautiful and easy to blend on the lids and the shimmer shades look stunning in the centre of the lids, however I do use fix plus with these as there is a lot of fall out with the glitter, especially in the shade high. Although, I love this palette, it is so hard to use because the shades are so dark so I feel its use is extremely limited to nights out. However, I would say this palette is vital in my collection as it is like none other making it the easiest palette to gravitate to for nights out. The packaging of this palette is different to the others in the naked series and definitely feels more luxurious and high end and it also has a magnet closure. 

Naked Basics 1

This is my favourite palette to travel with when I need to pack light. It contains a great compact mirror with 6 shades, 1 shimmer and 5 matte. It is the easiest palette to create a look with and contains a matte black making it extremely easy to turn any look from day to night. The packaging is rubberised which I feel protects the shadows inside perfectly when travelling. I really want to get my hands on the second basics palette which is very similar to this palette only it is the cooled toned version of this. 

The Naked Ultimate Basics 

This palette contains 12 shadows which are all matte. I love this palette for everyday use as I tend to opt for an all matte eye look throughout the day, however for night time use I never reach for this as I prefer to use just one palette. I feel that this palette is all of the favourite naked palettes in matte formula combined with a different spin put on them. My favourite shade in this palette has to be extra bitter as it is an orange and warm toned brown. 


  1. My favourite has to be Naked 3, the shades in the palette are just gorgeous! xx

  2. Love how in depth this post is Kirsty cause we you know, I don't own any of the UD palettes so this would help me narrow down the choices! Thanks for sharing xxx

    Jasmine ||

  3. I only have the first two naked palettes but i absolutely love them! I think I prefer the 1st ever so slightly over the 2nd, but since the 2nd is probably my only collection of cool-toned shadows, I probably use it more often. Definitely need to complete my collection soon

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  4. Great post! I have yet to purchase a Naked palette, but I need to soon! :)
    -Jenna <3
    Follow me back? The Chic Cupcake

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