Thursday, 13 April 2017

The Palettes To Get Glowin'

I apologise for over highlighting my face and my blog, actually no, I'm not. Seriously though, I apologise for the extensive posting on my highlighter collection but they are all too damn good not to share.

NYX Strobe of Genius Palette*

This is definitely on the more subtle end of the spectrum however I know that not everyone is as obsessed with blinding highlighters so this is a great option for a more natural glow. This palette contains 7 highlighters some of which if you are fair enough would double up as a blusher shade which is great for on the go or travelling. These powders are definitely more on the powdery side and therefore give less colour pay off so will be fab if you are a natural makeup wearer.

Sleek Solstice Palette

This palette however will get you glowing in seconds. One swipe of the brush and you are set to blind anyone you come into contact with. I find these extremely comparable to the Jeffree Star Skin Frosts as the texture is quite similar and the pigment is extremely opaque.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro Glow Palette*

This palette is so damn pretty. Not only are there so many colour options, but I absolutely love the packaging because it is so photogenic in instagram photographs and flatlays (typical blogger over here)!! I love the fact that this palette has a variety of shades so you can use them as highlighters or blushers or a 2-1 kind of jobby.

Technic correcting highlighting palette*

This palette is great to use to correct your skin, for example the red is great to counteract redness on the skin and the peach is great to brighten and highlight the under-eye area where it is common to get darkness and discolouration.

Notino have loads of highlighting products at a highly discounted rate so I would definitely recommend checking them out!


  1. The makeup revolution palette looks insanely pretty! So many beautiful shades! X


    1. It's so pretty and all the shades are so wearable. Xx

  2. Thanks for sharing, I will for sure be trying some of these out!

    Lotte |

  3. These are all so pretty!! Would love to get my hands on the Sleek palette

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. It's one of my faves!! Thanks for commenting x

  4. I'll never get tired of highlighters ;) That makeup revolution palette is sooo beautiful! I didn't like the one highlighter I have from them but I kinda want this one now XD

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  5. So many palettes I need to try then! I'm so intrigued to the sleek one :) lovely post xxx

    Jasmine ||

  6. I need the NYX palette in my life!! x

  7. I absolutely love the Sleek palette!! Deffo adding the NYX palette to my 'to buy' list :) xx


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