Monday, 13 February 2017

Instagram Round Up | @kirstyjennifer_

If you aren't following me on instagram then why not? Follow me on @kirstyjennifer_ or click the social icon in the right hand bar of this page!! I love interacting with everyone and finding new accounts.

I have recently changed my Instagram theme from very vampy and autumnal with lots of burgundy and wines to fresh, bright and pink ready for the spring.

Following me on instagram will keep you up to date on all things kirsty jennifer but also other aspects of my life too. Make sure to follow my blog too on the right hand side of this page, everyone who follows I will be sure to follow back.

My Instagram


  1. Ah I'm loving all the pink! xx

    Jasmine ||

  2. You've got such a pretty feed! Will have to go and make sure I'm following you. X


  3. I love your Instagram girl! Your feed is soooo pretty and gets me so excited for spring :) love seeing your photos pop up xx

    Lauren |

  4. Loving the new theme! I especially love the 'Dream' print. Off to follow you right now xx


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