Friday, 30 December 2016

What I picked up in the Lush Sale

My boyfriend bought me some lush goodies when they had their sale, and he somehow managed to pick up all my favourites. 

Candy Mountain - Bubble Bar 

Candy Mountain has always been one of my favourite bubble bars from lush as it is such a classic. I think I tried this bubble bar around 4/5 years ago and instantly fell in love. The scent is identical to snow fairy which is very sweet and sickly. 

Magic Wand - Bubble Bar 

My favourite thing about this wand is that it is reusable so you get more bang for your buck. This is slightly less overpowering than snow fairy making it much easier to use. I like to run the wand under running water which creates the most relaxing bath. 

Snowie - Bubble Bar

'This hazy cosmic jive of bright, tangy grapefruit and neroli will take you far away from it all. Don't blow it; simply crumble under running water. In a flash, glam sparkle and oodles of bubbles will burst forth, making you feel like one of the world's biggest stars. The exquisite fragrance of rose oil provides delicate, floral sophistication, freezing the troubles of the outside world. Let your body boogie.'

Rose Jam - Shower Gel (My all time fave)

'A decadent, lemon rose shower gel made with vanilla pod infusion, goji berry juice and nourishing argan oil, Rose Jam leaves your skin soft, hydrated and sweetly scented. Lovers of our Rose Jam Bubbleroon and Ro's Argan Body Conditioner will recognize its gorgeous fragrance. Lathering up with this shower gel is a truly indulgent way to wash.'

Snow Fairy - Shower Gel 

This shower gel is sugary sweet and reminds me a lot of bubblegum and candy floss. I do find this scent slightly sickly so thankfully I only have a small bottle. 

The only criticism I have of the Lush Sale is that everything in store sells out so fast so I wish they overstocked so you could get more however saying this you can order from their website. I waited in a queue of 100,000 places on the lush website and when I finally had access to the site, the ended their sale, making all their christmas stock full price - not exactly ideal but nevertheless I will continue to purchase from Lush. 

Did you pick anything up in the Lush Sale?



  1. You picked up some amazing things but I agree the sale is so silly!xo

  2. You picked great things!

    I love lush and every time I go to take a look, it feels like EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT is saying "buy me!" hahha I'm hoping to try the curly wurly shampoo soon.

    Have a nice day x

    Carmen | Wandering Banshee

    1. You nailed it on the head!!

      That sounds lovely I'll need to try that too! Thanks for commenting. Xx

  3. I picked up the same bits too x

  4. Rose jam looks gorgeous, I've never come across it before though I hope they have it next time I'm in.

    Lauren x

    1. It is limited edition so you should be able to get it later this year again! Xx


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