Monday, 25 July 2016

Why MAC's Harmony Blush is My Favourite

Most of you know that I am an advocate of MAC's extensive blush range however this is the stand out for me. Why? Because it has 3 uses - as a blusher, as a bronzer and as a crease colour.

MAC Blusher in Harmony is a beautiful muted, rose toned brown blusher which has a 3 in 1 feature. I feel that many newbees to makeup really struggle finding the perfect shade of bronzer, it either looks too muddy or too orange toned and whilst this product is on the pricer side, you definitely get bang for your buck because it doubles up as a blusher, bronzer and eyeshadow.


This product works perfectly as a bronzer because it is neither too warm nor cool toned so it looks great on anyone with fairer skin tones. I personally enjoy using this shade when I am slightly rushed for time as it is easy to throw on the skin without too much time being wasted. I like to use this blusher with a light fluffy brush and dusted over the cheek and cheekbone areas to ensure a natural even coverage.


Like with the bronzer application, I enjoy using this blusher with a fluffy brush and lightly apply it to the apples of the cheeks to create warmth on the skin.


I also enjoy using this product to add warmth to the socket of the eyes when I am tight for time but still want a little something, something. Adding this slight warmth in the crease adds dimension and depth to the eyes making them appear wider. I really enjoy using this on the lower lash line to create a slightly smokier look when I am wearing minimal makeup.

Harmony Blusher is a matte formula which makes the application appear very natural and skin like.
Incase you are unfamiliar with MAC's blusher formulas I have included a description below to help make it clear:

Frost: this finish has a high shine which is highly reflective due to the shimmer
Sheer tone: this is the most sheer formula of blushes by MAC. This is great for beginners or for people who do not like or wear blusher. 

Sheertone Shimmer: this is very similar to the Sheertone formula but it has slightly added shimmer

Matte: this formula has no shimmer or shine at all and is completely flat/matte on the skin 

Satin: this is between a frost and matte formula. 

You can purchase this product from the BeautySpin WEBSITE.


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