Monday, 30 May 2016

Too Faced Limited Edition Sweet Peach Palette

My parents kindly bought me the Too Faced Limited Edition Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette for my birthday and I love it. I finally own all 4 of the 'chocolate bar palette' ranges.

The Too Faced original chocolate bar range all smell like chocolate and are edible which I love, I genuinely could smell them all day haha. However, this palette smells like sweet peaches and I actually prefer this scent to the original, permanent line. This palette is very peach and pink toned with a lot of deeper shades which are great to a create a night time look.

My favourite shades are just peachy, candied peach and summer yum. These shadows create a perfect summer and warm toned look. The palette retailed for £39 and is sadly out of stock however if you are a collector you can purchase this on ebay or depop for around £80.

Did you manage to grab this palette?



  1. Gahh I wish I got this palette! It's so beautiful, and I may be jealous that you own all the chocolate palettes haha! Thanks for sharing xxx

    Jasmine ||

  2. This palette looks so pretty and perfect for spring/summer!

    xo, Liz

  3. I wish I could have got my hands on this palette, its gorgeous and your swatches were great. X


  4. I am glad that you love this palette and I prefer to try out the chocolate bar myself! :)


  5. That is the cutest looking palette I have ever seen! Way cuter than their other palettes if you ask me hehe, and the shades are perfect for summer! xxxxx

  6. Oh my goodness, i love this palette! Ever since i bought it, i've been using it like crazy. Just the smell alone makes me want to grab it everyday :))

  7. I did hear that the darkest shades in this palette are harder to blend, unlike their usual palettes which is why I was put off purchasing this!
    Charlotte //

    1. That's a shame!!:( I haven't had a problem with them thankfully!:) x

  8. Yes, I bought it when it first came out, and I've worn it a couple of times. I love the peachy, pinky shades. I haven't had time to swatch them all so I still haven't gotten around to reviewing the palette, but I should coz I think it's so pretty!

  9. Candied Peach and Cobbler looks so nice! I need to get me some of those! I love the smell on these too, honestly Too Faced is the best!

    Sakura xx

  10. I've been itching to get my hands on this palette for a while now and your blog post makes me want it even more haha. You did such an amazing job with the swatches!


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