Monday, 28 March 2016

Clinique Highlight Chubby Stick Dupe

Since Spring has arrived, or at least it should have, I am really getting into cream highlighting and then applying powder on top to prolong the longevity.

The Clinique Chubby Stick Highlighter is a great product for cream highlighting. The packaging is very sturdy and professional looking. The packaging itself replicates what the product looks like. A great feature of this product is that it does not need to be sharpened, you simply wind it up and apply it to the cheeks, nose and forehead. This product contains 6g of product. It is a pearly pink shade with luminous pearl reflecting particulars which capture when the light reflects off of the skin. This product is also oil free so it is great for those of you with oily skin. This product retails for £19. 

The No7 Radiance Highlighter is identical in packaging to the Clinique highlighter although it is significantly smaller. The product itself contains 5.5g of product. This highlighter is a lovely champagne toned gold, cream highlighter which also reflects when the light catches it on the complexion. This product retails for £10. 

Both of these products are extremely great, with respect to the quality they are identical in application however I found the Clinique product to prolong the wear of my highlight slightly better. The only  main difference I can see is the shade and this is personally preference on whether you prefer a pearly pink highlight or a champagne gold? 

Do you like cream highlighters? Will you be trying these out?



  1. I love no7 - their makeup is such good quality! I have one of their stick blushes and it's great so no surprise about the highlight being equally as fantastic! Both gorgeous shades xxx

    Jasmine ||

  2. I love highlighter sticks! So much easier to apply. I have to see if Target that carries No. 7 skincare in the US also has the makeup

  3. I never really use highlighter sticks, but now you've got me intrigued over the brand No. 7. I've seen it here and there but have yet to try something!

  4. This sounds like an amazing dupe! I would love to try the No. 7 stick!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  5. Thank you for the comparisons and swatches, they booth look really beautiful! xxxxx

  6. I've not tried any cream highlighter before and No 7 looks like an good dupe for the high-end brand. Gets me intrigued to check out the dupe.

  7. I think once I master highlight/contouring I would like to try those shades esp the dupes!



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