Monday, 11 January 2016

Review | Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette

I recently invested in a lot of Zoeva products, I have two of their palettes, two brush sets and a bunch of individual brushes. I really love how high quality Zoeva is and I cannot wait to expand my collection!! 

Today I wanted to review the Cocoa Blend palette. This palette is so buttery to the touch with great colour pay off. The first shade is Bitterstart, this is a matte white colour which is great for on the brow bone. Sweeterend is a shimmery plum toned lilac shade which looks lovely blended on the mobile eyelid. Warm Notes, aka my favourite shade, is a stunning warm red toned pink shade which will look beautiful in Summer. The next shade Subtle Blend is your box standard brown eyeshadow which most palettes contain. Beans are white is a very dark brown shade which is a great substitute for black. The next shade, Pure Ganache, also known as my favourite shade, is a beautiful peach toned gold. Substitute for Love, is a warm orange toned brown shade with slight gold shimmers running through it. Freshly Toasted is a brick red toned brown which is slightly less pigmented but still lovely. The final two shades are the deepest in the palette. Infusion, is an amazing sparkly black which is almost duo chrome like with a slight purple/green shift. The final shade, Delicate Acidity is a lovely purple/plum shimmery shade. 

I think this palette is great because it is so diverse in colour range. The only thing I dislike is that I cannot get a whole eyeshadow look using this palette. I always seem to gravitate towards using my MUG shadows for transition shades and then using this palette for my eyelids and adding depth. Nevertheless, it is an amazing palette at such an affordable price point. 



  1. I've been looking at this palette for so long now! I think I might have to many similar colours to justify buying it though, but I do need more Zoeva brushes.

    Emma |

    1. Your right:/ Nevertheless I love it haha!! Xx

  2. I got this palette for Christmas and I love it - but I agree its hard to get one full look from this palette!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. This palette is so pretty! It has a massive mix of colours, it would be hard to make a look using similar colours! Nonetheless, great review xxx

    Jasmine ||

  4. These look like lovely shades, probably a palette I try next tbh!


  5. I love this palette too but I definitely agree with you - there could definitely be a few warm browns in there! xxx

    Karan| studentbeautyhack

  6. Those colours are so pigmented! I haven't seen their palettes before. I love the look of warm notes, such a nice shade x

    Tamz |

  7. The colours are just beautiful and they seem really pigmented, I will definitely NEED to get myself one!!

    Hope xo // Blog 'bout Beauty


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