Monday, 18 January 2016

My Favourite Mac Lipliners and MAC Lip Combos

Those of you who speak to me regularly will know my obsession for mac lip liners. I have collected mostly nude lipliners because that is what I wear most often. I decided to narrow down my favourite lip liners and put it into a post. 


This is one of my favourite lip liners my mac. It is such a versatile shade and looks amazing during the day or the night. It is a red toned brown lip liner which looks best with MAC's velvet teddy or taupe lipstick.


I have owned MAC's Whirl Lipstick for about 3 months and I decided a month ago to pick up the matching lip liner. This lipliner looks best with Whirl Lipstick and Brave 


This is the newest lip liner that I picked up. This lipliner is very brown toned and looks amazing to add depth and dimension to the lips. This lipliner looks lovely with MAC's Honeylove.


This is one of the most natural lip liner that I own and it is a 'your lips but better' kind of colour. It looks amazing with any nude lipstick.


This is very similar to Boldly Bare however it is more on the nude tone. This also looks lovely  with any nude lipstick.


This is my favourite lip liner, it is a lovely pink/mauve nude lip liner. This looks amazing with Velvet Teddy. 


The final lipliner is a dark purple which looks amazing for vampy makeup looks. I especially love wearing this with MAC's Smoked Purple. MAC's Diva also makes the perfect ombre purple and red lip. 

Let me know your favourite mac lip liners??



  1. I've never tried mac lip liners before, I'm not entirely sure why, but these are all gorgeous! I love the look of "spice" and "soar" x

    1. Your missing out girl, you should deffo pick one up! The formula is so creamy:) thanks for commenting xxx

  2. These are all so pretty! I really want to pick up Soar soon, it's such a gorgeous shade.

    xo, Liz

  3. I only own one, a red one named Cherry (?). Nude lips usually don't work too well for me.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  4. I think I would like to try that night moth one. I don't own any colors like that and I feel like I should have different colors to experiment with!

  5. Lovely post! I haven't tried Mac lip liners but this post is so in depth, thanks for sharing xx

    Jasmine ||

  6. I love Boldy Bare! It's def a 'my lips but better' can be worn on it's own. I tend to match it with my L'oreal Fairest Nude lipstick. I also recommend Absolutely It and love pairing it with MAC's Velvet Teddy!

    Meliza Joyce |

  7. Your collection is amazing! I have Whirl, Soar and Spice out of these and love them all :) I love the look of Stripdown and hadn't heard of it before xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. Stripdown is LOVELY:) thanks for commenting x

  8. I think I might have to grab nightmoth for my vamp lips very soon - thank you for the recommendations, great post!

    Holly |

  9. I really want to get my hands on stripped down and spice! xx

  10. Loving your collection girl! I love Spice, Cork and Nightmoth; my ultimate favourites from my collection and Nightmoth looks amazing with Diva or any red lipstick as I love teaming mine with the NARS matte formulas <3

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

    1. Thank you lovely!! Your right they look great with the Nars velvet matte lip pencils:) thanks for commenting xx


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