Sunday, 17 May 2015



These past few days I've really been enjoying unwinding and having some 'me time'. 

Recently, I have really enjoyed waking up early, making some strong coffee and hopping back into bed and getting cosy reading my favourite blogs before starting up my day. After I have finished reading my favourite blogs I read some quotes to kick start my day and uplift me so I will be less likely to be negative. I really feel that having this routine helps me be happier and keeps my positivity to an optimum haha!! 

I also think that having a good perfume can also change the way you feel and I've been loving Si by Giorgi Armani! 

Let me know what's you've been loving the past 7 days and what makes your mornings more positive when your feeling a bit down in the dumps!! 

Have a lovely Sunday whatever you may be doing. I have my induction at my new work today - wish me luck!!! 



  1. This was a good idea for a post!! I've loved your quotes on ig makes me smile x

  2. gotta love some strong coffee in the morn! love your blog so glad i found it <3 x x

    1. Thanks for commenting Rosanna!! Deff, such a good start to the day haha!! Aw that's so lovely!! If you want to subscribe then in the right hand side bar you can subscribe via email so you never miss a post:)<3 xx

  3. I like to do the exact same thing! Wake up, make a coffee, crawl back into bed and read all my fave blogs. I absolutely adore lazy mornings where you can just relax and do things at your own pace. Today I have to wake up at 5:30am to leave at 6:30am so I didn't get my morning "me" time which truly ticked me off haha. Holly x

    1. Its such a perfect pick me up I think:) Thanks for commenting hun x


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