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Firstly, I want to say before I get into this post that I have loved FRANK for a very long time and I have been loving Bondi Sands and Body Blendz since I was sent them. I decided to try out these products regularly so that I could be honest and I could provide an honest review. I decided to do this in the form of a tanning routine as part of my summer edit. I have received several products that could have easily fitted into this category BUT these are the products that I love and know you will love too.

The first step in my tanning routine for summer is to ensure my skin is extremely exfoliated by using a coffee based scrub. I love FRANK and Body Blendz. This FRANK scrub that I have shown here is a coffee and peppermint scrub and it smells A-Mazing. I like to shampoo my hair like normal and whilst I leave my conditioner to sink in, I rub the FRANK scrub all over my body and leave it to dry for around 10 minutes before showering it all of. This leaves my skin SO exfoliated and SO soft. I use the Body Blendz  scrub in the exact same way. However, this scent is also coffee but in coconut delight. I love the smell of both of these but the Body Blendz  has a very strong coffee smell which doesn't bother me, but its just something to bare in mind. These scrubs are specifically formulated to actively target cellulite, stretch marks, acne & eczema with caffeine from only the best Arabica beans.  I also really like the Soap&Glory body scrubs but I thought I would recommend something different for a change haha!

After I have came out the shower, I towel dry and leave my skin to dry for around 10-15 minutes before applying the tiniest amount of moisturiser on my elbows, knees and knuckles. After I have moisturised lightly I like to wait at least two hours for my pores to be closed before touching any tan.

I absolutely love the Bondi Sands tan because they smell so nice. I hate fake tans that leave you smelling like a biscuit so these tans are perfect for me. The tanning foam is a coconut scent and the everyday gradual tanner is a coco butter scent. I love the shade this tan gives too, its not fake or orange looking, it has a red undertone which makes it more natural as if you have been on holiday. I use the Bondi Sands mit to apply my tan in long circular motions. It only takes me 10 minutes to tan my whole body because it is so pigmented and makes it faster and quicker to apply. I love this tan because it dries so quick. After 10 minutes I can put on clothes that are loosely fitted without worrying about really bad staining on the clothes. This has become my go to tan and I am obsessed with it.

* Bondi Sands products
* Body Blendz Body Scrub
* FRANK Body Scrub

Above are all the links to the products mentioned in this post. I hope you are all having a lovely day, take care.


  1. Such great products and sounds like a really good tanning routine!! Love your blog xoxox

    1. They are so good! Thanks sweetie, that's so lovely of you to say that!! Xxx

    2. They sound it! I'll look into them for sure! and naww no problem gurl! You're so sweet and your blog is awesome! xxx

    3. Yeah they are great and so affordable too!!:) aw thank you, that is so kind!!! Xxx

    4. Really?! that's great then! I love it when products aren't only great quality but they also aren't too damaging to your purse hahaha and seriously no worries xxx

  2. So which is better? Frank or bodyblendz

  3. These are the present day mainstream method for tanning that you will find and it is basic that you get the right tanning gear for every then you get the tan that you need. tanning way

  4. I rub the FRANK scrub all over my body and leave it to dry for around 10 minutes before showering it all of.Tanning


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