Saturday, 23 May 2015

LIFE OF A BLOGGER | Instagram Q & A


Thank you to everyone who asked me a question on my Instagram! I think these are great posts to do so that you can all get to know me a little better!

1. 'What was your first beauty product you ever bought?'

The first makeup product I bought was the Dream Matte Mouse by Maybelline!! I used to love it so much and I cringe so much now at the mere thought of it haha!! 

2. 'Who was your first crush?'

Probably Peter Pan..... 

3. 'What is your favourite MAC product?' 

I would say MAC fix +, even though it is very boring, it is amazing for setting and priming my makeup and is also great to make eye shadows more pigmented! However, I love Mac lipsticks, I have so many - eek!! 

4. 'What is a show that you cringe?'

I presume this is relating to TV. I don't really have any show in particular because I don't watch TV but I don't see the hype about Family Guy and stuff like that haha!! 

5. 'What was the first job you wanted to have?'

When I was really young I wanted to either be an actor or dancer. 

6. 'How long have you and your boyfriend been together? Goals af'

Myself and David have been official for almost 3 years now!! 

7. 'Would you rather live 100 good years but bad things happen or live 50 amazing years?' 

I think I would want to live 100 years! I think life is like a roller coaster, you need to have ups and downs to make you stronger! You need to have bad times to appreciate the good times.

8. 'What is your favourite Starbucks drink?' 

I'm a starbs addict haha!! I love the cool lime refreshas and iced caramel lattes in summer and when it's autumn/winter I love a cinnamon soya latte. 

9. 'How old are you?' 

I am 17 years old but my birthday is in 5 days - YAY! 

10. 'What is your favourite place to visit?' 

In the UK my favourite place to visit is London, I absolutely love London and I would love to live there when I'm older! My favourite place to visit is probably Spain, however I would love to travel around Europe and go to Italy and Greece!! 

11. 'Have you ever visited Canada?' 

No, I've never visited Canada! However, I am heading over to the states for a few weeks in the summer! It's my first time visiting the states and I am super excited!! 

12. 'Are you going on holiday this year?' 

Yes, I'm going to visit Ohio in America this summer! I am SO excited - especially to get to know David's family better and spend a lot of money in sephora!!! 

13. 'What is your favourite makeup product? And I love you' 

That is so hard because I love so many products but if I had to narrow it down I would say my Bobbi Brown Corrector! It is amazing!! And I love you too gal! 

14. 'Where did you meet your boyfriend?' 

I knew David from school because he was the year above me, we started talking through Facebook and we became such good friends and after a year of being good friends we started dating! 

15. 'What are your favourite emojis?' 

My favourites are either the monkey faces or the pouting smiley one ( I hope that makes sense ) hahah!! 

16. 'What is your favourite colour?'

My favourite colour is green. However, my favourite colour to wear is black or white.

17. 'Can you do meet ups?'

I get this question quite a lot! I would love to meet some of you, however it is finding the time to meet you all! I live in Scotland and the majority of you are based in different parts of England! I am hoping there may be opportunities soon to meet some of you! 

18. 'Would rather be in a lift that did not smell nice or lick someone's shoe that had poo on it?' 

I hate lifts because I get so claustrophobic but I would hate to taste poo! If the lift was broken however I think I would lick the shoe to get it over and done with and then I think I would have to drink a bottle of listerine mouthwash hahahah!! 

19. 'If you could go back into the past and undo one mistake, what would it be and why?' 

This was such a great question! But, I have made mistakes and I'm annoyed for making them but I honestly wouldn't change them. My mistakes have made me who I am today and have me more mature and sensible! I believe that everything happens for a reason, and some things fall apart so that better things can form together. If I changed my past and the mistakes I made, it would change my future and right now my future is bright and happy. I wouldn't change a thing :) 

I have really enjoyed this style of post and I would love to continue doing these if it is something you all like? Let me know?

Have a LOVELY weekend guys, chao amigos x 



  1. Loved the answer to the last question and this was a fun post to read :)

    1. Thank you:) I think it's important to use your mistakes to make you better!:) Yay!! Thanks for commenting. X

  2. My favourite colour is green, but my favourite colour to wear is black too haha! Great Q and A, I really enjoyed learning more about you xxx

    1. Yayyy!:) I'm glad people have enjoyed this style of post! I will be sure to do more!:)) x

  3. I love this post Kirsty! :) xo

  4. Lovely post, and you cant go wrong with London!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. Thank you lovely!:) I loveee London hehe! X

  5. What a fun post! I'm a Starbucks addict as well and all my friends would agree!

    Priyanka |

    1. Thanks Priyanka!:) I love Starbucks so much too!!! Thanks for commenting lovely! X

  6. I liked this post because I feel as if we got to know you better! You answered my question, and I knew you loved Starbucks haha! Look forward to hopefully seeing more posts like these from you! x

    Jasmine ||

    1. Thanks Jasmine - I will be sure to do another soon!:) I love starbs hehe, thanks for asking a question!:) x

  7. Great answers! I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years now! <3 thumbs up to good long relationships! haha

    1. Thank you!! Aw that's amazing!! Yeah Defo haha!:) thanks for commenting x


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