Saturday, 4 April 2015


I absolutely love salad and pasta. I really feel that having a pasta salad fills you up and provides you with energy for the day. I love this lunch because it is lower in calorie than most pasta salads and it only takes 10 minutes to make!!

I read an article about two months ago which should a graph on the reduction of calorie intake with cooked pasta and recooked pasta!! (I think this is going to be hard to communicate in words). Basically, the article explained that when you first cook pasta and eat it there are more calories in it, if you reheat it the next day the calories reduce significantly but still leave you feeling just as full. I think this is a great meal because it is filling!

What you will need:-

- Pasta (freshly cooked or leftovers) - cold
- Half an onion
- Sweetcorn
- peppers
- Tuna
- lettuce | salad of your choice
- Olive oil (1/2 teaspoons)
- Balsamic Vinegar (1 teaspoon)
- 1 clove of garlic
- salt/pepper
- coriander

1. Chop up the onion, peppers and add it into a dish with the tuna and the sweetcorn.
2. Chop up the cold, cooked pasta into thirds and add it into the bowl.
3. For the dressing, mix the olive oil, balsamic vinegar and crushed garlic together and add salt/pepper to taste.
4. Pour the dressing over the pasta and season with herbs.
5. Make a little bowl of lettuce/salad.

I have been loving this for my lunch during studying and really helps me focus and concentrate on my work. Take care guys!!



  1. this looks really good! i've been meaning to start eating healthier, thanks for sharing :)

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Hey Danielle, thanks for commenting:) No problem x


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