Monday, 23 March 2015



As you can see I'm now half way through my Maybeline Instant age rewind, eraser eye concealer. I would not be without this product now! This is a yellow toned concealer which counteracts darkness and pigmentation under the eyes! This really transforms and brightens any makeup look! The product is dispersed through a foam like applicator which sits perfectly under the eyes and applies just the right amount of product! This is a great drugstore alternative to the mac prolong wear concealer, which I also love, however this is a fraction of the price at £7.99!! This is a great product for anyone starting out with make up and it is a great edition to any beauty fanatics kit! 

Until next time guys, Kirsty xxx


  1. Will definitely try this out, thanks xxx

  2. Rebecca Saundera24 March 2015 at 17:41

    Great post Kirsty. Really loving regular posts x

  3. love ur budget buy posts x well done x

  4. Gorgeous post. I love the idea of this. Will give it a go next time I am in boots x


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