Friday, 13 February 2015


I have noticed that quite a few of you have been requesting to read about drugstore dupes for Nars Laguna.

I have two dupes that are very similar in tone and the way they apply. Laguna is a red toned brown which is great for adding warmth to the face. I like to apply laguna on my cheekbones, temples and jaw line! I personally love laguna because it's a matte powder! This is great because it means there is no shimmer or glitter running through the powder! If you apply a shimmery bronzer through your cheekbones it doesn't look quite so good! If you are looking for a more chiseled structure to your face then a matte bronzing powder is best!! 

The sleek contour kit is practically identical to laguna however I'm more inclined to purchase higher end makeup! 

The bourjois chocolate bronzer is also very similar to laguna, however it's not quite as pigmented, it is slighter lighter in tone and it ever so slightly has a shimmery undertone to it! This product is more ideal for a swirl of warmth on the face rather than heavy contouring! The bourjois bronzer is ideal for a natural everyday look! 

I hope this was helpful for those who requested it! 

Until next time guys, Kirsty X 



  1. You've become my weakness.. New favourite bblogger. Followed you on ig and twitter! This helped so much, thanks again xxxx

  2. You know makeup like the back of your hand it's crazy, you have so much useful knowledge x

  3. I requested to get this post, thankyouu for doing it for me! Thanks love you xo


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