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A few days ago I had my hair ombréd in my local Toni and Guy salon! I've dyed/highlighted/ombréd my hair from a very young age and this time I decided to get my hair ombréd a natural caramel colour and then fade out to a subtle golden blonde tone. I'm always very wary about dying and bleaching my hair because it's obviously very drying and damaging! I'm sure there are quite a lot of you who dye your hair regularly so I thought I would do a quick hair care routine in the form of tips and tricks!

TIP 1 - Avoid Heat. 

I am not going to sit here and tell you to never straighten or curl your hair, because I do it 3/4 days a week.. Styling your hair with heat is obviously going to damage your hair further so simply letting your hair air dry naturally already reduces heat damage signficantly!! If you are going to apply heat use a good heat protectant spray! I love the Schwartzkopf guardian angel! 

TIP 2 - Use products tailored to your hair type and colour! 

Before having my hair ombréd I used mainly TreSemme products in my hair! I opted for shampoo and conditioners that were targeted at brunettes! Now that my hair is coloured, I like to use the John Freida Sheer Blonde, Go blonder shampoo and conditioner! I find that using products tailored to my hair colour optimises and enhances the colour! 

TIP 3 - Use leave in conditioners.

As you can see in the previous picture there is a leave in conditioner! This particular one is amazing because it is also a heat protectant as well so it's a 2 in 1 product!! Leave in conditioners are amazing for bringing back lost hydration in the hair! I love how replenished my hair feels after using this product and how it brings back strength and silk to my hair! 

TIP 4 - (only for blonde toned hair) use purple shampoo!

This tip is only relevant for all of you who have blonde or blonde toned hair! Using a purple shampoo counteracts the brassy and orangey looking tones giving you a platinum blonde tone to your hair! I like to use my purple shampoo 2/3 times a week! 

TIP 5 - weekly hair masks are essential! 

I have noticed such a difference just by using a hair mask weekly! It renews and reboots my dry hair instantly leaving it feeling nurtured! I strongly recommend using a hair mask once/twice a week to replenish your hair especially if you colour or use heat on your hair regularly! 
I hope this was helpful for you all, let me know what your current favourite hair products are!! 


  1. I've had my hair dip dyed for about 5 months and my hairs been so dry so this was really useful to read, thanks for all your help xxxxx

  2. love your blog, can you do a day in the life post? x love u x

  3. I love john frieda too x


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