Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Sleek nail it when it comes to their blushes. I can honestly say I've stopped using my nars blushers. I've been a big fan of sleek for the past two years and whilst this is a palette I've loved for a long time I've never got round to reviewing it. 

The packaging of every Sleek product is actually very sleek in nature. They are all matte, black in packaging and closely resemble the texture of nars packaging. Whilst I love both Sleek and Nars packaging, I dislike the fact that they get dirty so easily. You can see from the pictures they are quite grubby looking. This palette comes with a massive mirror which is perfect for in your handbag for touching up your makeup on the go! 

Pictured above, Sleek Blush by 3 palette in Lace(367) (left to right - crochet, guipure, chantilly)

Pictures above, Nars, Orgasm.

These colours are SO pigmented so you have to use a very light hand when applying these blushers. My favourite colour in this palette is Guipure, which is also very similar to Sleek, rose gold. Both of these are amazing dupes for nars, orgasm. Orgasm, is slightly more on the pinky, gold tone whilst Guipure, is slightly more orangey, gold toned. Rose gold, however is more pinky gold toned so is a closer dupe for orgasm. As you can see in the comparison, rose gold actually beats orgasm in pigmentation!!



As you can see in the pictures above, the blushes are extremely pigmented, these swatches were swiped only once so the colour pay off is incredible! 




  1. love your blog soooo much kirsty!!! JUST ORDERED THE SLEEK PRODUCTS, THANKS FOR THE ADVISE xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Just followed you on twitter! I love your blog, I read it everyday. Well done on hitting 16000 yesterday:D

  3. holy moly these blushes are super pigmented and so pretty! I'm def going to order one soon!

    1. They have crazy pigmentation haha!! You should, you'll love them!! Thanks for commenting.

  4. Just ordered this! Can't wait for it to come, thanks for sharing! Your tips always help x

    1. You'll use them so much!!:)) good I'm glad!! X


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