Monday, 12 January 2015


I think it is vital to have one day a week (at least) where you are totally selfish and have some 'me time'. Personally, I love 'me time' to be related to relaxing and pampering. I love to have a bath with my my favourite bath products with a hot drink, candles, YouTube and Vogue. I personally preferring having baths in the colder months and since it is January I thought it would be appropriate to do this blog post now rather than in summer where I very rarely have a bath. 

The first thing I like to do is go into my box of bath products. I got my own in a soap and glory set for Christmas and it is perfect for holding all my products due to it's massive size! I'm sure you all already I know from my blog that I love body shop,  lush and soap and glory. Tonight I decided to go for some lush. I am totally obsessed with lush's cinder bath bomb which smells incredible. It has little popping candy pieces in the centre and turns your bath water a bright yellow colour. Like all lush products it has amazing ingredients which leaves the skin so silky and soft. 

Whilst my bath is running, I like to apply a face mask. I love the beauty formula's cool moody cucumber 3 minute clay mask. Not only is this mask affordable it is also my favourite clay mask. It draws out all the impurities in the skin and unblocks your pores and leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft! 

When I get into the bath I like to soak in the water for a good 10 minutes and then I like to exfoliate my skin using the soap and glory sugar crush body scrub. First things first, I CANNOT speak highly enough of this product. I never understood the hype about this product until I smelt it. I smells of lime, sugar and almonds. It does what it says on the tin to be honest. I like to use this product before I fake tan as it removes any dead skin cells and basically leaves my skin as a blank canvas ready for tanning. 

At this point I like to remove my face mask and then use a face wash. 

When I feel ready I like to get out the bath and moisturise using the garnier body summer body moisturising lotion as it moisturises but also enhances my skin giving it a slightly tanned, glowy look. 

I then like to apply body shops vitamin e overnight serum which makes me skin soft and hydrated and then I like to apply the moisture mask for deep moisturising. 

then like to apply some lip balm to my lips to ensure they are soft. 

I then like to watch netflix or YouTube intil 12ish but realistically that means until 3am....



  1. I love your blog, I always come home from my school and see if you have posted anything new. Can you do more makeup tutorials? Ly

  2. I think I will try the carmex lip balm! Thank you for posting regularly xox

    1. Its so nourishing, you should totally give it a go! No problem x


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