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Very Berry Protein Smoothie

First up is a very, berry smoothie! I love starting off the day with a healthy, fruity smoothie. The great thing about smoothies is that you can put so many different ingredients in them!! 

This one is my current favourite! You will need:- 

1. 1-2 cups of frozen berries 
2. One banana 
3. One apple 
4. One cup of coconut water 
5. One measure of protein powder 
6. 4 ice cubes 

Then I add all the ingredients into my blender and whizz it all up and pour it into either a mason jar or a tall glass. 

I personally like using a protein powder in my smoothies so it keeps me fuller for longer and it also provides a good energy boost before working out, but if you prefer to have a simple, plain smoothie you can totally skip the protein section! 

I like to freeze the remaining smoothie for the next day so it means I am not wasting anything.

Coconut Water

I prefer having coconut water in comparison to water as it provides my body with natural energy and kick starts my day. Coconut water is also known for it's rehydrating ability whilst also aids to help fight off infection and prevent diabetes! 

F O O D 


I love granola! I normally have this 2-3 times a week! It's so easy to make and quick to eat! 

You will need:- 

1. Granola 
2. Yoghurt 
3. Fruit of your choice

As a rough estimate I like to have 40% granola, 40% fruit and 20% yoghurt! 

Toast, avocado and egg 

If I have a little more time, normally at the weekends, I love to have brown toasted bread with avocado and boiled egg!! This is such a good way to kick start your day as you have protein, healthy fats and carbs to provide you with lots of energy!

You will need:-

1. Brown bread 
2. Avocado 
3. Eggs 
4. Pepper and salt to taste

I first like to boil my egg as normal and whilst I do this I like to use half an avocado and mash it up roughly in a bowl! I then make one slice of toast and make myself some tea or I just have a glass of water whilst I wait for the eggs to cook! When the toast is ready spread the mashed avocado onto the toast and then cut the eggs in half onto the toast! I like pepper on my eggs so I like to add that on top! 

What are your current favourite breakfast meals?:) 



  1. OOh such a delicious post! I love eggs on toast and I add a few chilli flakes to my avocado to spice it up a little!

    Laura xxx

  2. Thanks you for your comment Laura!! I'll need to give that a go some time:) xxx

  3. This has made me so hungry but this has gave me inspo so I will make a smoothie tomorrow!! Love how your daily blogging! <33 thanks for sharing xo

  4. I'm really enjoying daily blogging haha!!:))

  5. Wow, these look so yummy <3

  6. Yummy! Especially the berry smoothie! :D

  7. Im hungry now! I love smoothies too.

    1. Smoothies are so good first thing in the morning! Thanks for your comment:) x

  8. Avocado toast is definitely one of my favorites, too. Thanks for sharing!


  9. When you put coconut water in your smoothies, is it a light or strong taste of coconut? x

    1. Hi there:) It totally depends what you are putting in the smoothie, if its quite plain then the coconut flavour will be more prominent, but for the most part it is very light in taste:) Hope that helped a little x


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